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Location and surrounding area

Finca Serrato is situated 23 km north of Malaga, in the heart of Los Montes de Malaga (mountains of Málaga). The region is sparsely built-on, hilly and has mostly olive- and almond trees and some vineyards.

Serrato is situated on the edge of the Parque Natural in Los Montes de Málaga, where you still can find the Spanish kings eagle, the Andalusian chameleon, the civet cat, wild boars, mountain goats, martens and weasels. The vegetation in the park consist of pine trees and carob trees, alep firs, cork and kerm oaks and wild almond and olive trees. It’s a hilly and sometimes mountainous area of about 5.000 ha, with small valleys and – during winter time – fast running small rivers. In the southern part of the park you’ll find spectacular views to the coast, Málaga and when the weather is clear even to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Throughout the whole valley the architecture and ambiance of the little pueblos blancos (white villages) is strongly influenced by the Moors who ruled this country in the past; they are just lovely with their colourful flowers and steep alleys. According to the Spanish tradition the residents sleep during the afternoon, mostly from two to five, taking their siesta. This gives you the opportunity to wander around on your own, exploring the small alleys with just the company a few sleeping dogs. Shortly: an attractive area with tolerant and friendly people where you will feel at home right away!

The nearest village is Colmenar, to be reached from Serrato in about 20 minutes (12 km). Colmenar  is an authentic Spanish country village (4.500 inhabitants), not yet discovered by the mass tourism of the Spanish coast. What you do find here are many small restaurants, terraces, banks and shops for your daily shopping.     

Colmenar is the main village of La Axarquia. The Moors called this area Ashsharquia, land of the East, because it’s positioned east of Málaga. They built the white villages, castles, fortresses, mosques, and they built irrigation systems. In the Axarquia you can still find the Moorish influence in the culture, the language and the typical way the 31 local authorities have been built.

Serrato lies very centrically for visiting some interesting cities worth seeing like Sevilla, Ronda, Granada, Antequera, Córdoba and Málaga. The beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean See are never further away than a half hours drive. In and around the area you will find extended nature reserves with diversity of flora and fauna, as original and sumptuous as you won’t find elsewhere in Europe. From the valley you can see the white tops of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada with its great skiing opportunities during winter time, at only 1,5 hour’s drive from Serrato. This offers you the unique possibility to go skiing in the morning and enjoy some fresh fish and a nice glass of wine in the afternoon sun at the beach.