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Real estate

Because of our extended knowledge of the region and the real estate business we are able to offer you thorough advice and guidance on the orientation and buying a home in this area. If desired we’ll send you a questionnaire where you can indicate your wishes and demands. Having received the form we will then contact you by phone to discuss your wishes. Please use our email address ( to apply for the questionnaire.  

After this we will start searching for five houses that match your wishes and demands as much as possible. We’ll introduce these houses to you by email and we’ll contact you by telephone again to discuss them. We fully understand that only one search probably isn´t enough to find you the right home, so we will keep on repeating the above mentioned process until we found you five houses that meet your expectations completely.
Then you’ll come to Spain and we’ll guide you on visiting the houses and on a possible purchase.

Unfortunately there are some estate agents in Spain who don´t have the right knowledge and experience to serve their clients well.

For that reason we are working closely together with a reliable team of experts in real estate, in projects and in architecture and with a lawyer. 

Please call or mail us for more information.


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