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Because Lagar de Serrato is situated very central for visiting interesting cities, national parks and the Mediterranean, a great deal of our guests use Serrato as a base for experiencing culture, nature and recreation. We can give you a lot of information on Andalusia and we would be pleased to suggest some nice day trips.

Besides this we can offer you – because of the perfect location in the middle of the nature of Montes de Malaga -  several packages for several interests and passions that will go along well with the interests of the others guests, who are mostly interested in enjoying nature and  the quietness of the location.

Think of all the possibilities for hiking in the surroundings of Serrato! You could also combine a stay at different places or walk from B&B to B&B and let us take care of your luggage!! Choosing this you will discover some of the completely different areas of the Axarquía, Andalusia.

The area is very suitable for moutainbikers; there is a network of pathways and roads where you can enjoy the challenges. You could also bike from B&B to B&B where we will take care of your luggage. We could even drop you off at a certain location from where you could bike back to Lagar de Serrato.

One could almost think the roads in Andalusia have been constructed by motor-lovers! We offer several packages for one and all-road motorcycles, where you could choose to stay at Serrato and start from here or choose for a route which brings you to different locations where you could stay.

The Axalingua Holiday courses in Colmenar have been designed to enjoy your vacation learning Spanish. With 2 hours per day, they are perfect for combining multiple cultural and sporting activities and with a stay at Lagar de Serrato. Besides private lessons it’s also possible to learn the language with a group of friends or relatives.


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